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3665 NW 98th Avenue
Polk City, IA 50226
(515) 984-6946

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Tree Spade and Landscape Trees

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Take a look at the landscape trees we have available to transplant to your yard with our tree spade. We also will move
your own trees at $135 per hour.

50" Vermeer Spade

For All You Do-It-Yourselfers:
We Feature Aquascape Pond and Pondless Waterfall Kits and Supplies including Water Plants.

Deciduous Trees:
Green and White Ash, Red and Sugar Maple, Linden, Locust, Ornamental Pears, Red and Swamp White Oak, Hackberry, Elm and Birch.

Evergreen Trees:
Blue, Black Hills, White & Norway Spruce, Concolor Fir and White Pine.